Volunteer Application

Did you know volunteering is good for you? It can reduce stress by interrupting usual tension-producing patterns when you focus on someone other than yourself.

It creates resources to provide valuable community services that are otherwise not available those who need them most. The estimated value of a volunteer’s time is $20!

Volunteers learn a lot about their community, and new skills to use in work and in life. They discover talents that may change their view on their self worth.

Volunteering brings people together, uniting people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal, building camaraderie and teamwork.

Volunteering promotes personal growth and self-esteem, by helping to foster empathy through understanding community needs.

Volunteering strengthens our community, by helping to support families, older adults, Veterans, and marginalized communities that are in need of assistance.

It feels good to invest your heart and hands in our community – and our neighbors who live in it.

  • "I enjoy volunteering at Reclaim Madison because of the great people that work there and, as one who goes out and picks up items for the store, I get to meet many friendly, giving people who live in this county…Reclaim Madison is an organization that benefits those that cannot afford new items, but may be able to purchase used, but perfectly useful, items for their homes and it gives me pleasure being able to help those in need."


    - Jim Thorsen

  • "I think that working with the various Christian groups of young adults was most rewarding. Their enthusiasm to accomplish the task at hand was amazing. Meeting and making new friends is always a treat. Helping those less fortunate and making their lives more safe and comfortable is the hallmark of CHC"


    - Carl Haas

  • "(Volunteering at ReClaim) is a fun way to help my community. Housing is such a primary need and I am glad to find such a practical way to help. The interesting mix of donated items at ReClaim sparks my creativity and I appreciate the good deals, too!"


    - Gina Elrod

  • "Madison County is one of the most beautiful counties in North Carolina but not without its problems. Hidden away from the main thoroughfares is a population of proud, independent people whose homes are in urgent need of repair. Neighbors helping Neighbors organized by CHC is helping to remedy that. We can make the simplest fixes to these people's homes that will change their lives for years to come."


    - Nick Moss

  • "I recently moved to Marshall and started volunteering at Reclaim in hopes of becoming a part of the community! I have met such amazing people so far. I also love upcycling and have found a lot of inspiration for my own projects at Reclaim!"


    - Paige O'Donovan

  • "Helping out with the CHC and their Neighbors Helping Neighbors events has been a great experience.  It's rewarding to be part of a team assembled to make an immediate improvement in someone's living situation."


    - Carl Batchelder

  • "Volunteering with CHC on NHN projects not only gives you a chance to help your neighbors; it provides an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and meet new people by working with the residents and other volunteers."


    - Jen Haas