Keeping Madison County Residents Safe and Healthy in Their Homes

At any point in time, CHC is working with more than 100 Madison County households somewhere in the process of:

  • Application for assistance processing
  • Assessment by CHC programs staff for eligibility (see below), scope of repair needs and holistic view of circumstances contributing to the need for assistance
  • Referral to social services and Madison County agencies that support non-home repair needs of the applicant
  • Determination of available programs that will best serve the needs of the applicant, if eligible
  • Scheduling and facilitation of the home repair and rehabilitation
  • Inspections of completed repairs and client satisfaction assessments

Eligibility: All applicants must meet at least these two basic requirements, regardless of the program ultimately determined to best suit their needs: 

  • Applicant income must be less than 80% of AMI (Area Median Income)* for NC, and, 
  • Applicant must be a resident of Madison County. 

Other factors that are considered in assessing applicant eligibility are: urgency of need, applicant age, disabilities, veteran status, children in the home, age of the residence, and of course, available funding.

* Annual Income Qualification Limits for Madison County Residents

Special Notice to Our Community

In order to prioritize and serve the 130 families currently in our pipeline, CHC will temporarily be unable to accept new applications for general assistance for the next three months. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience. We will resume accepting applications on October 1st.

In the meantime, for those experiencing water or electricity issues, please be assured that we will continue to prioritize and provide ongoing support for these urgent needs. If you require assistance with water or electricity, please contact CHC at 649-1200.

You can help us in our mission by serving as a volunteer! If you have the skills and time to contribute, we invite you to become a volunteer and help us with essential repairs. Learn more or call us at 649-1200.