Reclaim Madison has BIG NEWS!!

All artists and makers in Madison County are invited to consider joining us in our 2nd community-driven Upcycled Art Auction to help us build seed funding to launch Madison County’s 1st Tool Library!

Community members are invited to come into the store and select your FREE base materials to take home and turn into something completely different for us to auction off on Facebook (and in store!) JUNE 24th – 25th.

To stay up to date about auction happenings and take part in the Facebook auction, please join our Facebook group ( Call the store, 828.649.0100 with any questions or stop on by to pick up your materials!

We’re eager to showcase our community’s fierce creativity so please invite your friends and help us spread the word. Let’s make this auction even more successful than last year! 

When and Where

* Visit ReClaim Madison now until June 17th and select FREE base materials   from a designated selection and receive full guidelines!

* Submit your upcycled art piece no later than 4:00pm June 18th to ReClaim.

* Auction will take place via Facebook on June 24 – 25th! In-store bids can be placed for those not using Facebook. 

* Location: 798 Walnut Creek Rd. in Marshall, off Highway 25/70.

* ReClaim Hours: Mon – Wed 10-4:00 // Thurs – Sat 10-5:00

* Contact: 828.649.0100 //